Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ollie Becomes The Dog He Was Always Meant To Be... An Update From His Forever Family

From time to time, we get updates on the fosters we have had come through rescue. It is the ones that were in such bad shape, that had been so neglected & mistreated that always tug at our heartstrings... such is Ollie's story. However, it is the families that come forward to adopt the ones like Ollie who make the difference & with patience, love & understanding comes breakthroughs with time. We received the photo above from Ollie's adopting family along with this update on him...

"Had to share. Last Sunday my Godson - age 8 - jumped off a step and fell into a gravel pile. His Mom called me, they are just two houses away, and I went over to see how bad it was. So off to the ER and two sutures in his left knee later... we came home.

On Monday his Mom went to change his dressing and he had a fit. So she called me to come help. And I thought, I'll take Ollie with me to distract him. Mr. Ollie sat in my godson's lap and snuggled him while he cried and next thing you know the dressing was changed and he did not even know we did it. So, yeah Ollie!!!!!!!

Today, Ollie was out on his walk and we ran into my neighbor's son and daughter-in-law and their two babies who live in Delaware. At the end of June, they will be our neighbors. It has been a long time since they had seen Ollie. They could not get over the change in him. How outgoing and trusting he is. How loving he is. And how amazing he is with kids. So very gentile with them. Because they have not seen him for about 2 years, the change was very striking.

He is such a great dog and it is so nice that other people see it as well. He is still my little trouble maker - he just has this impish side. I love all his sides!!!!!!"

Thanks for writing us, Ollie's Mom. You are truly an amazing person with so much love in your heart to help sweet Ollie become the dog he truly was meant to be. Lots of love to you, all the family & many, many kisses & belly rubs to Ollie.