Monday, November 28, 2011

Joey Meatballz & One Of His Guys!

It's been a while since we have last blogged... it was a very busy end of summer & the fall was truly exciting with two monumental storms hitting the northeast that took out power in most of our state for over a week in all parts. Now that winter is upon us & we have colder weather approaching - forcing us to stay in doors, we are trying to catch up with some updates from our current fosters & our graduates.

That being said, here are some heart-melting photographs of None Other Than Joey Meatballz Himself*... the Green Fur Kidz Graduate with the mushey-jowley boxer boy face that is undeniably smooch-a-licious who broke lotsa ladies hearts!

Joey Meatballz, a small staffie-boxer mix who was euth-listed for kennel cough at a kill shelter in Brooklyn, New York, has been settling in to his forever home for the past few months. He has been a little mischevious with his random "presents" dropped lovingly on his Forever Mom's white rug (OH Meatballz!!!) & he had taken a little "road trip" within his neighborhood by himself but was immediately picked up & returned to his family... we knew he loved the car, but roadtrips?

"Meatballz" as he was referred to around his foster home for his mama's boy antics that got him lotsa love from the ladies, was a pretty lucky fella because he was on his last hour before he was to be euthanized when he was, at last, rescued. Kennel cough is rarely fatal - however, it is highly contagious & passes on to other dogs. Even though a common cold by human standards - & rendered harmless by a $4 script purchased at your local Walmart, it is what is considered to be reasonable cause for being euth-listed within shelter systems across the United States.

Joey's Forever Dad took these gorgeous pics of Joey Meatballz & one of his sons, with whom Joey has bonded to, & sent them to us here at Green Fur Kidz. None Other Than Joey Meatballz Himself* is truly loved... thank you to his family for opening their home & their hearts!

It is images like these that keep all of us volunteers pushing forward when the going gets "ruff" in rescue.

*At GFK, we say "None Other Than [insert dog's name] Himself/Herself" when one of our foster dogs have shown distinguished refinement in some form... whether it be in manners or naughtiness, it is all much deserved of distinction.