Monday, May 19, 2008

Petey the Puggle Puppy Has Been Adopted!!!

Petey has been adopted by a warm & loving family!!! Petey will have 3 new 2-legged siblings, 1 new 4-legged feline sibling, a new mommy & a new daddy. Petey will also have a whole neighborhood full of children to worship him & fulfill all his needs in terms of entertainment!!! His new family has already begun taking turns walking him & figuring out who gets a turn & when... Oh Petey, we will miss you... sweet little boy!!! We hope you will be a good boy for your new family & make them very
proud of you as you grow into a big, strong boy!!! Make sure to remember your tricks & make sure to go to the door when you have to go potty. Most of all, always make sure to give back all the love that is given to you!!! You are a sweet little boy who is now in his forever home... Make sure to write us & tell us how you are doing!!!
With much love,
frogdog blogeressa

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