Monday, January 24, 2011

On 'da Stoop... Collecting Cookiez!

Joey Meatballz is Ready to Go to His Forever Home...

Here's a quick checklist of
Our Forever Home Wish List:

Joey Meatballz' Location: Newtown, CT
Age: 1.5-2 years, possibly younger
Sex: male
Weight: 52 pounds & holding...
Kids: Yes! He Loves 'em!!!
Cats: Yes, dog savvy ones!!!
Dogs: Yes! Joey Loves the Ladies & some gentz!
Fenced Yard: Preferred, but not required

Here's a message from Joey Meatballz:

"Yeah, me & 'dis chick named Miss Libi (datz me fostah gram's dog) were hangin' on 'da stoop collectin' cookiez from my foster pops when my fostah momz decided to click some pics of me & my lil gurlfriend... don't be fooled, she may look cute but she is one spicey frog i tellz ya... she don't take lip from nobuddie, fostah momz sayz that that's cuz she's a puppymill survivah & she's done 5+ yearz of hard time. i don't care though, i likes me a fiesty girl."

Joey Meatballz has recovered from his kennel cough, has been neutered (big thanks to our spay & neuter group, SNAN!) & received additional veterinary care from a holistic doctor who specializes in nutrition. He has sensitive paws that seem to get more scratched up on the snow then the other dogs in our home so we decided to consult a nutritionist to see if he could use any dietary support for that. He has visited his favorite doctor for his skin & is taking some antibiotics to clear up a little break out.

Joey Meatballz is a hunka-hunka staffie/boxer guy & he loves all the girl dogs in our home but the boy dogs seem to really want to give him a good beat down in plain old english slang... he is probably considered more of a passive-aggressive guy in the dog world, so we are looking for a home that has one or more girls. He's a loverboy for sure. This doesn't mean we wouldn't consider a very submissive male who is relaxed, but we will require meet-ups to make sure that everyone got along.

Joey Meatballz is a favorite around here. He reminds us of our first puppy that we raised together years ago with his puppy-boy antics & he is the spitting persona of our boxer fur-nephew with his goofiness that he entertains us with all day long. He isn't picky but we are feeding him a grain-free diet & most recently we have added some raw to help support his immune system along with some liver to help his blood. He loves Bravo beef tracheas & will bury them under his bed. He will protect his tracheas, so supervision with treats like this would be needed in a home that had another or more than one dog. He appreciates company when he eats & will sometimes wait until we stand or sit next to him so that he will finish his breakfast or his dinner.

Joey Meatballz will need more training on a leash & would benefit from continued use of an EZ walk harness or halti harness. Right now, he is getting the run of over an acre of fenced in yard so we are hoping that since he is more of an athletic boy that we can find him a forever home with a fenced in yard - but that doesn't mean we wouldn't consider a home where there was someone willing to walk him regularly & continue using his harness.

One heartwarming thing we would like to point out to you about Joey Meatballz... even after all he has probably been through in his short life so far, is that he is so very loving. All he really wants is a person to call his own & a warm, broken-in sofa to sit on. He is easily made happy. We do believe that whoever had him before he went to the kill shelter may have physically hit him because when he first started sitting on the sofa, he would flinch every time we would raise our hand to pet his head.

Our dream home for Joey Meatballz is one that is filled with love & supervision... one that will let him chew on his tracheas & sit on a broken-in sofa with lots of pats on the head & belly-rubs. He is a mixed bully-breed so the forever home must be willing to do whatever training would be necessary for him if he should ever need it. Each dog is different in every home... improvisation & proper training is key in keeping the bully breeds.

Do you or someone you know want to adopt Joey Meatballz? If so, email us so we can send you an adoption application!!! Send us an email to

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