Monday, April 11, 2011

Adopt Popstand Petey... He's Ready to blow this Popsicle Stand!

Our foster boy, Popstand Petey - aka Petey or Pete-Pete, is ready to blow this popsicle stand! Petey was a euth list dog (he had kennel cough) in NYC. We got him & nursed him back to health. Once healthy, Petey was neutered.

Petey is an AWESOME guy. He is, by far, one of the easiest fosters & a joy to have around. He is loving & goofy. He knows basic commands & is housetrained, crate trained & extremely food motivated. He enjoys a grain free diet & loves to chew on his Bravo! beef tracheas & his extra large raw bones. We think he is probably one of the most food motivated foster dogs we have ever had. One thing we would like to mention is that he does not like to share his food or bones with other dogs. He is perfectly content to let any human stick their hands in his bowl or take away his bones.

Petey loves to play fetch! He is quite an athlete & will play for hours on end in our fenced in yard with either us or his other foster siblings. He loves to play keep away with his foster sibling, Rufus!

Petey lives with both small & large dogs in his foster home. He loves to let the smaller dogs lay all over him in his bed & will gladly share his crate with any of the smaller dogs that like to shack up with him.

Petey has been exposed to children, but not to toddlers. We ask potential adopting families to please consider the fact that Petey is about 65 pounds & that while he is quite sweet, he could knock over a toddler with his zest for playing so we think older children are best.

We love Petey! We think you will, too!!! If you would like to adopt Petey, we require an adoption application & a home visit. Petey will not be shipped, adopting families must show up in person to pick Petey up.

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