Friday, September 14, 2012

Rufus the Righteous ( aka Ruufie!) Has his First Anniversary in his Forever Home!

Remember Ruufie?  Popstand Petey's right hand man & primo consigliare?  Well, Ruufie's one year anniversary of being in his forever home came & went & we missed it!  In honor of his very first year in an amazing loving forever home, we would like to update you on his adventures. We got these adora-bull pics & update from Ruufie's forever mom...

"This has been a fun packed year for Rufus McGillicutty Schoen DaSilva!!!  Ruufie has learned how to stay and is attempting to learn paw (might take a while) but is eager to please anyone who is willing to give him a nice belly rub or a treat.  Through out the year he has been on a boat to different islands off of Old Saybrook and has tried to swim but he has some trouble moving those muscular legs so we are going to have to try that again next summer!  He has also gone on many hikes all around CT - some of honorable mention are  Devil's Hopyard, Nehantic State Park, Gillette's Castle, and Cockaponset State Forest. His favorite thing to do has always has been and will always be playing tug of war, he will work every muscle in your arm and he NEVER gives up.  He is the worst fetch player ever, he will just try to run inside to chew on the toy.  After about 3 Frisbees and a few balls his parents decided that fetch is just not his strong suit... at all.  We just moved... so Rufus is also in the new house, which he absolutely loves!  He has a patio and a little yard that he lies in...  basking in the sun whenever he gets the chance.  There are plenty of friendly dogs in the neighborhood and he is very playful with his next door neighbor Moxy, she is an older beagle that just loves Ruufie.  Although he enjoys his occasional play dates with other dogs, Ruufie is truly a people-dog & he cannot get enough of his parents' friends who come to visit and will always cuddle with anyone brave enough to sleep in the house."

& Well... here is Ruufie's favorite sport of all time... TUG!  Be good Ruufie!  We love hearing about your adventures from your mom.  Tell your mom to give you a big smooch from all of us here at Green Fur Kidz!!!

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