Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update on Petey the Puggle Puppy

It turns out after we tracked down Petey's purchase record from the puppy store, that Petey was born on November 10, 2007. That makes Petey 5 months & a few days old, which is great news since that means that Petey can be neutered any day now & go on to his forever home.

Petey went to see Dr. Wayland today at Bethany Veterinary Hospital. He had a heartworm test - he's negative, hoo-ray!!! So we'll start him on his heartgard immediately. He also had his last puppy vaccine (dis/hep/par/parvo) & he had his rabies 3-year vaccine. This means that Petey is all up to date on his shots and doesn't need to have anything else until a year from today. Petey is also having an internal parasite exam lab done to make sure he doesn't have any kind of little wormy-worms hangin' out. We'll know what the deal is with that test by tomorrow when Dr. Wayland calls us. Petey also got some Frontline & we will put that on him as well to keep the buggie-bugz off. While Petey was at the hospital, he also had a nail trimming (a pedicure as Dr. Wayland likes to call it) & was weighed. Believe it or not, the little bouncing baby boy put on some weight & he officially weighs 14.5 pounds!

So, with a clean bill of health, Petey has been scheduled for his neuter & microchipping for Tuesday, April 22, 2008... that means Petey can officially go home to his forever family soon after that.

Do you want to apply for Petey? If so, please email us & we will send you an adoption application as well as inform you on how the process for Petey's adoption will work. Typically, a vet reference & home visit with Petey are required & there is an adoption fee for Petey. The adoption fee won't cover all of our expenses for Petey's transport to Connecticut, his medical care, his vaccines, microchipping & neutering... not to mention sundries such as new harness, collar, leash & food... but it helps take the sting out (so to speak) of the amount that we have paid to help him go home to a forever loving family where he will be loved unconditionally... which is the most important thing to us & what our ultimate goal is.

We'll update Petey's blog tomorrow with some fresh pics & info on his internal parasite exam lab!!! Stay tuned...

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