Monday, April 14, 2008

Petey the Pokey Puggle Puppy Arrives in Fostercare!!!

Here is Petey the pokey little puggle puppy. Petey is 3 months old & hails from Virginia Beach, VA.
Petey's owners were going to send him to the pound when her husband said he didn't want the dog & was going to kill him. A good samaritan who is also a friend of one of our fellow FBRN volunteers rescued him but it turned out that her son became allergic to Petey because he has asthma. So we arranged for Petey to be transported by one of our other fellow FBRN volunteers who picked Petey up from the good samaritan & then we met them over the Virginia line to pick Petey up & bring him home. Let me tell you, we can really move dogs, like we're paid to do it... but it's just because we care for their well being... that's why we're rescue!!!
Petey is approximately 7-9 pounds & he is just the sweetest little thing ever. He loves the car & rides like a professional, we didn't even have to belt the little guy in. Over the next few days we're trying to locate his vet records, see whether he is chipped & get him vetted so we can make sure he is in tip-top adoptable shape for his new forever family...
Do you want to adopt Petey? He'll be available soon so keep this blog bookmarked!!!

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