Tuesday, December 27, 2011

G o i n g H o m e: Opie Taylor Has Been Adopted!

Our sweet & goofy 10 month old pup, Opie Taylor, now has a new last name since he has been adopted by his Army dad!  Opie's new dad is a veteran who served our country for about a year in Afghanistan.  He comes from a family that has lots of love for dogs & knows how to get around bigger dogs - like Opie is going to be once he is fully grown.  Opie's new dad also has lots of friends that have dogs so Mr. Social Butterfly Himself, Opie, will have lots of 4-legged friends to hang around with.  On the day that Opie went home, his foster parents let him run around for one last time with his fellow GFK foster buddy, Popstand Petey, since the two were fast friends.  Of course, he left in his new dad's very clean car with very muddy pawz... but we can say that when he left his fostercare, he didn't even look back... so we know he is home.  Be good Opie!  No annoying your new dad with endless requests to play fetch & always remember to smell & make sure you are on grass & not carpet.  We are looking forward to seeing happy pics of Opie in his new home but in the meantime, we are sharing these   G o i n g  H o m e   pics of Opie with his new dad.

Jumping up to give kisses!

This is their serious face... but if you look closely, you can see both Opie & his new dad are smiling!

Opie giving another kiss to his new dad!

"I'm already looking up to you, Dad!" ~ Opie

As tough as any soldier is, there is always a tender side... Be a good boy, Opie!

All photos above are courtesy of MeliMoon  ~ melimoon.smugmug.com

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