Monday, December 12, 2011

Then... & Now: Helloooo Opie Taylor!!!

Opie Taylor came into rescue as a puppy that was surrendered to a kill shelter in NYC by a teenager because his mother would no longer allow the family to keep him. He is such a great puppy, we can not even imagine why they wouldn't want him??? It makes no sense. He is house trained, knows basic commands & fetches & retrieves like a world-class agility champion & first class hunting dog. Opie is amazing! Not only that, he loves to show his belly & get lots of belly rubs from his foster family. Opie loves all dogs, he's a bit overly zealous & vocal at first but for the most part, he just wants to run & play with fellow 4-leggerz. Opie loves kids & people of all ages... he would make a perfect addition to any family. One funny thing about Opie is that he sounds like a hound dog when he barks... but he has no hound in him at all!

Opie came in to rescue as a scrawny, awkward puppy with a slight case of demodex, which has now resided. We wanted to share a before & after... because Opie Taylor is one hunka, hunka handsome hot diggity-dog!!!

Opie the day he arrived into fostercare - taken with a phone by his foster family...

Opie today... approximately 20 pounds heavier, very healthy, full of life & happiness!!!

Photocredit: MeliMoon

Do you know anyone who would like to open their hearts & home to adopt Opie Taylor? If so, send them to for more info.

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