Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ollie is Looking Forward to His New Home!!!

A few days into being at our bootcamp, we've come to see that Ollie is, indeed, a good little boy! He knows where to go potty & how to do tricks for treats. His basic commands "come" "sit" "down" are perfect. We have not seen any type of incessant chewing behavior from Ollie. However, we have provided Ollie with many nylabones & chew toys to work on when he is bored. His housetraining is very good. We have not seen any bad behaviors in that area. Ollie does exhibit some flinching & cowering to the ground behavior when he is petted/picked up. This is starting to ease up as the days go on. We can describe more of this behavior to anyone interested in adopting Ollie. One naughty behavior we've seen from Ollie is his barking for attention. We've been using techniques that our trainer taught us & the barking seems to have died down. This barking is a sign of a dog that has not been given much attention & so he uses barking to get that attention - even if it is negative. What Ollie will need from his adopting family is a lot of love & attention to help him overcome his past. Ollie seems to be in good health, although he is not up to date on his rabies shot & we will make sure he receives that shot in the next day or so. Ollie is microchipped & all his other shots are up to date, minus bordatella (kennel cough), which is owner elective & since he is in foster care & not being kennelled, there is no reason to give him this vaccine at this point in time.

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