Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ollie Has Been Adopted!!!

Little Ollie has flown the coop (a few pics on his new comfy sofa)...
Ollie has gone to live with a wonderful family in which he will have two k-9 siblings & one fe-line sibling. His new mommy is a registered nurse so she will know exactly how to gently administer Ollie's ear medicine that he currently needs & also how to handle him gently as she addresses his flinching & cowering issues that are slowly being unravelled. Here are a few notes from Ollie's new mom:
"Ollie is at work with me today. Right now he is napping in a bed I have here for him. He played nicely by himself this morning while I was pushing through paper work. Then had lunch with us. Now he is having a nap. But I know he will be happy to go home and play with his new furry siblings. Ollie has bonded well with us and he is just such a love and I am very happy he is here. Just a funny note: Last night we all pile into bed. Ollie's furry brother took his half out of the center. Ollie's furry sister is in her usual spot. Ollie cuddles up between her and me with his head on her butt, using it as a pillow. Suddenly she lets out a snort and begins to snore. Ollie gets up and looks at me like "I can't sleep with her snoring like that". He gets up and sees his furry brother and goes and cuddles up to him only to have him start a reverse sneeze that rocked the room with gross stuff coming out his nose. Ollie jumps up and shoots me a look like "my God what was that and how am I supposed to sleep with that noise ?" So I picked him up and tucked him back in with me. But his face was priceless!!! He could not beleive the noises they were making."

"Ollie is doing so well. He and his new furry sister are playing and running through the house. More company last night and he was so good. He is eating well, taking his ear wash and ear drops pretty well (Ollie was discovered to have a bad ear infection). He is head shy for sure but we gently cover his eyes with one hand and talk him through and he does well. He cried a little the first night while in his crate to sleep. I let him cry for a short time to see if he would settle down on his own but he did not not. So into bed he came and he slept the rest of the night with his furry sister and me. She was Ok with it so Ollie slept with us last night as well. He cuddles well in bed and sleeps all night. He is a good boy. Ollie met my neighbor's English Bull Dog yesterday and did great. He loves other dogs and he has been good with the kids he has met. Ollie has also found his feline brother. He was under the bed so Ollie got under with him. They were fine. Ollie likes shopping as much as his furry sister does. He had a sports jersey on for company yesterday and looked so cute. He and his furry brother have matching coats."
Congratulations, Ollie!!! You are going to be spoiled rotten in your forever home... like the little prince you rightfully are!!!

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