Saturday, March 15, 2008

Welcome Oliver... the huggable puggle!!!

Meet Oliver, now affectionately dubbed "Ollie". Ollie is a puggle & an adorable one at that. He is now 1 year & 5 months old & weighs approximately 25 pounds. Ollie's owner surrendered as Ollie's training had been somewhat difficult for the family to manage & with the lack of time they had for Ollie... well let's just say it put everyone's stress level over the edge. It is said that Ollie's housebreaking has been difficult ~ even patchy & that he has problems with incessant chewing of things that he should not chew on. These characteristics will be evaluated & addressed to make Ollie a whole dog again.
Ollie was surrendered to the our bootcamp in order to be retrained, resocialized & reset his mindset so that he can go on to his forever home. Once Ollie is completely evaluated as to all said issues & those issues have been addressed, he will be put up for adoption. If these issues are not something that needs extensive retraining, he will be put up for adoption within a short amount of time.

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