Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AAAOOoohhh... it's Joey Meatballz from Brooklyn

"So there I was... sitting in the shelter with a real bad cold, hawkin' up the snooties & coughin' up a lung & the shelter worker said I was done 'fer. Man, I was so sad 'cuz I thought I was gonna go in the room where my pals never come back from. Next thing I know, this dude says I've got a foster family & I'm going to Connecticut... imagine 'dat, me... a big city boy chillin' in da country... whoowoulda thunkit? Na me, dats fer sure. So, they put me in dis van with alota otha furry punks headin' out to da country. Wells, now here I is & I'm gettin' better day by day & my foster family is takin' real good care of me. I like it here but I need my own forever family to love me fureva... I'm hopin' dis otha dude, that me foster moms keeps talkin' 'bout, named Santa gives me one of dose fer Christmas!"

Joey from Brooklyn has arrived. He's almost done with his kennel cough medicine & soon he'll get the snip-snip if you know what we mean. He's a real affectionate boy with a lotta love to give & he would love to have a family or a person to call his very own. Joey is about 1-2 years of age & he's full of puppy energy so we think it's closer to 1 year of age. He's crate trained, not sure yet if house trained & he loves to eat, eat, eat... what Italian boy from Brooklyn doesn't??? He likes other dogs so far & wants to play. He's not so great on a leash, so we're thinking of getting him a halti harness to correct him & make him an easier boy to walk. He is right now a skinny 46 pounds but we expect him to put on more weight. We think Joey is Staffordshire Bull Terrier mixed with some sort of other pitty mix & we also think he looks like he's got a little bit of Boxer in him. He's a real love bug & loves to lean in to his peoples' legs & cuddle. He's ok hanging out in his crate & loves to chew on his beef tracheas & other unmentionable beef parts.

When Joey first came into fostercare, we took this video of him on the first day of his freedom:

Joey is lookin' fer his forever family... could that be you? Contact us today!!!

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