Friday, December 17, 2010

Joey Meatballz... What Can I Say... Ferghettabowdit!

A Note From Joey Meatballz...

"Hey, what can I say... I'm handsome, ya know it... my fostah momz, well, she tells me every time she lookz at me so I knowz it's true. She'z a good egg, ya know, she'z takin' real good care of me & my new doctor has given me extra medz cuz fostah momz says I haven't gotten any bettah with this here kennel cough thang. So, I'm on some more medz. Fostah momz has been teachin' me sit, stay, down & speak. She laughz herself somethin' silly when i speak... but that'z just me voice... can't help nuthin' 'bout that. Fostah momz is still lookin' fer a home fer me cuz she says I need someone real special who is gonna take da best care of me as is possible she sayz. I like other dogs, except fer me fostah brother, dat dude'z name is Petey, he hates me gutz, dunno why... I just run in my house when fostah momz says so. I get bossed around by me fostah grama'z dog, her name is miss libi & she'z real bossy fer an 19 pound dog, but I likez her, she's good peoples. I like my other fostah sister Sippy but fostah momz keeps me away from her til I get the big snippity-snip (what is that anywayz?) because she sayz she don't need no puppiez & my fostah sister Sippy is in heat... man, I dunno why cuz it's like way too cold to be hot... I mean I guess that's what being in heat meanz, but who knowz? Fostah momz says I got natural hockey player ability cuz I can cruise along the icy patches in da backyard like nobody'z bizness... whowouldathunkit? na me, datz fer sure. Fostah momz says it'z cuz i got low center of gravity, whadeva dat meanz. I'm still learnin' to walk on that dang leash but fostah momz sayz i'm da best boy ever when it comes to my housetrainin' & she sayz i am da best fer crate training manners. i loves dat fostah momz... & you knowz what??? that fostah momz, well she loves me wid all her big heart... i knowz it cuz fostah dad, he tellz me so... so, hey... give us a ring-a-ding if you think you or somebody you know wants to welcome me to der family... if not, ferghettabowdit!!! OOOOhh!"

Our boy Joey Meatballz from Brooklyn is still looking for his forever home. Are you someone with a big heart that will love a 45 pound teddybear with a little boy voice? Are you someone that loves to snuggle & catch bear hugs from a handsome staffie boy? Are you someone that will keep on training an awesome lil man on his halti? If so, email us because we are looking for the perfect fit for our Joey Meatballz!

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