Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Miss Pitty Bull... How Do You Do?

"Excuse me, madam, do not call me a Pitty Bull... why, I am an American Pit Bull Terrier and I do like to be treated with respect. Whilst I shan't say whether or not I have fully grasped the concept of this thing you refer to as 'crate training', I will say that I am highly intelligent, extremely athletic & fiercely loyal. And do not forget that I am fabulous on a leash and love to engage in a good game of ball."

Miss Sippy, what can we say? You are goooorrrrrgeous! You look like a little lioness when you prance around the yard playing with your ball. You simply are elegant... now if only you would get your crate manners in check.

Sippy was on the euthanasia list in New York City with hours to live & we couldn't let her die... so she came to us for fostering & we found out later that she has an adopting family once her kennel cough subsides. When we look at Sippy, it is apparent that she is a happy girl, despite her misfortune of winding up being abandoned at the kill shelter. Through no fault of her own, Sippy sat in a tiny little kennel of the shelter waiting for someone to help her. She is just one of a million plus innocent souls that suffer at the hands of humans each day.

It is important to understand that many dogs are bred by inner city people in order to sell their puppies for money. If they can make a few hundred bucks, why not? These people don't spend the time studying the bloodlines, doing the necessary genetic testing & raising the puppies with TLC that a REAL breeder does. Most breeders will also show their dogs... this is not the case with people who are just breeding for money. Because of Sippy's age & some other physical signs, we strongly believe that Sippy was one of these puppies bred by someone who was looking to make a fast buck. It isn't just inner city people, but it is very common in rural/suburban areas as well - everyone knows the infamous back yard breeder - looking to turn his dogs over to make a quick buck. Well, now, we won't go into a rant about these types of people, but let's just say that they aren't our favorites because not only do they not do a good job of breeding dogs but they also are contributing to the millions of dogs/puppies dying across the US in shelters... if not by producing puppies & thus taking one less person away from the shelter to adopt a puppy but by, alas... their puppies winding up in the shelter when they get a little older & the novelty has worn off.

Sippy will be spayed very soon & the generous people at SNAN have offered to pay for her spay. Her potential adopting mom is coming sometime in the next week or so to visit as well... Sippy has really come a long way from her days at the kill shelter!

Sippy is just over one year of age, so she is really just a puppy... & the person who had her didn't give her much attention at all. She is learning new things & getting lots of love. Most of all, she wants the love, which tells us she was pretty much neglected for the beginning of her life... but Sippy's luck has changed & soon she will get a new family & a new name (her new mom will name her Sofie because it sounds similar to Sippy) with a fresh start.

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