Monday, December 20, 2010

G o i n g H o m e . . .

If we think too hard about what may have been... we might never be able to move forward & see a bright new future.

G o i n g H o m e - these are the two words every single last dog & cat in the shelters across the United States should hear. After those two magic words, they should be given a loving forever family.

Happily, these were the words Fancy - renamed Meli Jo (named for her foster mom & foster auntie) by her forever family - has heard this past weekend & now knows.

Meli Jo made the very long trip with her foster auntie who drove her instead of putting her on the transport since the transport would have been too stressful on her after all that she has been through over the past month. Meli Jo will live in the country in North Carolina with a new forever mommy & a new forever daddy. She will have two 4-legger fursisters to play with. Her forever family has a large fenced in yard & a doggie friendly home to play in. We heard last night from her forever mommy that Meli Jo slept in bed with her new parents & she is quite a snuggler.

We arrived quite late that night, it was a long ride!  While we are sad to see her go home, we know she has a brand new life ahead of her with many sunrises & sunsets. Please Meli Jo, send some pics of those sunrises & sunsets to share with us. Sending all our love to you little pretty girl!

Lastly & with very teary eyes & quivering lips - but in a happy way of course - we say thank you to Meli Jo's foster mom & foster family... because without you, this day would never have been possible.

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